DVR Technology Developments introduces new products at STAFDA

Sabrina Latimer

Market Analyst

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​The annual conference for the Specialty Tools & Fasteners Distributors Association (STAFDA) from 09. – 11. November 2014 in Charlotte held much in stock for the DVR team who attended this year’s show. STAFDA's conference offers independent distributors in the tool and fastener industry a platform to introduce market innovations and novelties in the field.For the first time DVR Technology Developments (DVR Technology) attended the show to present the newest developments in their intelligent Drill Press, which include a range of different tapping features like chip braking, blind and through-hole as well as wood tapping. The scheduled market release for the DVR Drill Press is summer 2015. The DVR Technologyteam also seized the opportunity to introduce the brand new 1 HP Single Phase motor which has the potential to power a wide range of different tool applications. DVR stands for Digital Variable Reluctance and is the next generation intelligent motor systemwhich has improved the old-fashioned switch reluctance technology and brings a large range of new features to the motor industry. DVR is controlled by a micro-processor which offers great energy savings mainly to applications that are load-dependent, as the system processes datacollected by its 10 I/Os and adjusts its behavior accordingly. This also enables the motor to bring considerable safety features to different applications. At high torque it maintains low rpm and is the simplest motor construction with the least moving parts. This results in superior reliability due to less parts that are prone to wear out.AT STAFDA both products the DVR Drill Press as well as the new DVR motor models earned much attention from the conference attendees.