“While we are working with a number of different stakeholders to embed our intelligent motor systems in ‘best fit’ applications on the global market, first engineering examples of the DVR Drill Press are scheduled to be implemented in the factories of some reputable U.S. American enterprises by June 2014,” announces Roger Latimer, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Teknatool International Group and DVR Technology Developments. “The future of DVR is bright and our local R&D team is proud to present to the New Zealand government the considerable progress the technology has made in form of the DVR Drill Press with all its unique features."

The DVR Drill Press is driven by a direct drive without belts or pulleys and has its own load sensors. The machine knows where the spindle is at all times. Being able to identify when the motor is required to run not only makes the drill press very energy efficient but provides superior safety features. “Great product development with help from Callaghan NZ and Better by Design” tweeted Joyce after his visit to Teknatool.

For further information on Teknatool or DVR please refer to www.teknatool.com or www.dvrsmartmotor.com


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Digital Variable Reluctance on the rise:

Hon Steven Joyce visits Teknatool International’s R&D Lab

​​On Tuesday, 1 April 2014, the Honorable Steven Joyce, New Zealand’s Minister of Economic Development, Science and Innovation, paid a visit to Auckland based Teknatool International Group (Teknatool). The global manufacturing exporter Teknatool, known for the well-established NOVA woodworking brand and intelligent Digital Variable Reluctance (DVR) motor technology with subsidiary in the United States, has qualified as one of the few recipients, selected as beneficiaries of the Callaghan Innovation Fund. Joyce’s visit served to follow up on Teknatool’s previous  experiences with the Callaghan Fund as well as Better by Design, and New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, all of which focus on furthering New Zealand’s businesses to export globally. Teknatool seized the opportunity to demonstrate latest developments and Research and Development (R&D) progress.  Star of the demonstration was Teknatool’s recent innovation in the field of wood and metal working – the DVR Drill Press.