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STRIATECH Advantage - power

  • Striatech's motors have a flat power curve over a wide range of speeds.
  • High torque at low speeds, important in many machine applications.
  • Direct drive means full power available - the spindle of the motor is the drive shaft of the machine, not pulleys or gearing.
  • Typically a belt driven machine has about 20% power loss just in the belt system.


Where Mind Meets Motor

Striatech's Digital Variable Reluctance technology is a “smart” switched reluctance motor with proprietary software that allows the motor to merge with the application to result in substantial energy savings (up to 50%) with a wide speed range and high torque and power at low rpm.  Product features include:

case study: Shopsmith

​Shopsmith's traditional 1950's multipurpose woodworking machine started struggling in the 1990s. Maturing technology and growing competition required Shopsmith to introduce a completely revamped machine. Striatech brought the revolution for Shopsmith's PowerPro in form of the the digital variable reluctance motor -- introducing an increased smooth, electronic variable speed range from 250 rpm to 10,000 rpm, auto selection of speed using a computer database of operations based on choices entered and a huge boost in power from 1HP to 1.75HP with twice the torque, making the machine a market success.


- I've been very pleased with the precision that can be achieved with the Shopsmith... and wouldn't trade the variable speed feature for a whole shop full of individual tools. Each time I try a new operation, I'm amazed at the engineering and quality that went into this tool! -

Gary R. - South Harpswell, ME

Wireless Remote

  • "Remote Ready" Built-in Remote Receiver allows the HMI to be paired and controlled directly to any DVR Wireless Remote accessory.

 The Wireless Remote:

  • ​Adjusts speeds, stop and start
  • ​Use 'wristwatch style' or remove strap to attach magnetically to DVR.

Large speed range

  • The motor operates by pure magnetic attraction, hence it has no natural speed or direction. Both can be controlled by the firing of magnetic fields.
  • Ranges can be 30 - 10.000 rpm.
  • Forward / Reverse.

switchED reluctance

  • The Switched Reluctance motor is the simplest construction of any motor, it has the fewest moving parts of any design.
  • No rare earth magnets used in its construction.
  • ​Prevents overheating.
  • Long life.
  • ​Reliable.

Energy efficient

  • The computer controlled motor will only ever use the amount of energy input needed to rotate the shaft at the command speed. 
  • If there is no load on the shaft, it will only utilize the energy necessary to overcome bearing resistance.
  • ​Sensors determine when the application needs to run or how much energy is required.
  • Upon start-up the Striatech motor has an amp spike of 3 amps as opposed to up to 13 drawage on traditional AC motors.


Striatech wants to hear from you. If you are an end-user, an OEM or a product manufacturer, we make a motor that works for you. The programmability of the Striatech motor makes it the perfect fit for any application.

We believe that your daily operations could profit from Striatech's off-the-shelf package drive. These motors offer maximum performance at minimal customization!

Are you interested in utilizing the next generation in electric motor technology? 

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​​4400 34th St. N. Unit M

​Saint Petersburg, FL 33714

Phone: 727-202-9932

Mobile: 727-385-0709

E-Mail: info@striatech.com

Programmable Cycles

A full range of programmable cycles can be utilized, such as:

  • Tapping
  • ​Blockage Clearing
  • Manufacturing Cycles
  • ​Spawling up
  • ​Indexing

Electronic braking

While traditional braking is resistance braking and known for wearing out components, DVR features Electronic Braking. Specifications are:

  • Electronic Braking does not wear out components and is very precise. 
  • Striatech motors can be programmed to do either a hard brake, a soft brake or anywhere in between.
  • Brakes at any speed. 


  • In case of a sudden spindle lock or unexpected sharp increase in load, the motor will shut down power to the spindle to avoid any injury.
  • A shut down can be performed without any damage to the parts due to the mirco-computer knowing the exact spindle position.
  • Depending on the application the DVR motor is used in, revolutionary and unique safety features can be provided. 
  • Direct Drive
  • Energy Efficient
  • High Torque at Low Speed
  • Customisable Shape and Diameter
  • Custom User Settings
  • Low Maintenance

Sensor Array

  • Large number of flexible I/O which can be programmed including 1 reset input 12 programmable I/O and 9 expanded I/O.
  • Expanded I/O port is perfect for adding sensors and other I/O to the HMI. The port features low power 3.3 volt and 5 volt outputs which can be used to power sensors and other logic circuitry as well as 9 non-biased I/O port which can be programmed for input and output purposes.
  • The on-board accelerometer and temperature sensors mean that the HMI is able to sense the orientation, vibration and temperature of the board and use this information to control the motor.

Torque Curve for Striatech vs. Conventional 3 HP motor


  • ​USB and CAN compatibility allows the HMI board to be controlled through the mini-USB port when using the appropriate firmware. 
  • The HMI is also able to communicate to the motor controller board using the USART / I²C Communication port.

  • Intelligent control
  • Quiet Operation
  • Wide Speed Range (0 - 100,000 rpm)
  • Safety Settings
  • Proven Technology
  • Powerful and Compact